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Vertical Mini Bookcases with Inlays


Vertical Mini Bookcases with Inlays

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Vertical mini bookcases and inlays, precious furnishing objects.
Handmade by our craftspeople, it can be hung on the wall or used as a decorative object. Each piece is unique and individually handmade in our workshop in Florence.
The objects layered inside are carefully chosen and fixed by hand, therefore cannot be removed. You can find details in brass, small original hand-blown Murano glass ampoules, very small shells found on the shore, envelopes, scrolls and pencils, real mini-candles (do not light, risk of fire!) and precious wooden books covered in aged paper or imitation leather with hot gold printing.
These articles are made with care in an entirely handcrafted way, which makes them unique and therefore may differ slightly from the ones shown.

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Weight 470 g
Dimensions 15,6 × 5,5 × 22,8 cm

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