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Tarot of Visconti Sforza of the 15th century (small)


Tarot of Visconti Sforza of the 15th century, small, limited edition numbered

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Beautiful pack of the Tarots of Visconti Sforza of the 15th century. Reproduction of the tarot deck in only 1000 copies numbered one by one. The deck consists of 78 large, richly decorated cards and comes with a beautiful gift box and a certificate with the numbering.
The original tarot was broken up into three different collections of 74 cards overall. The missing cards, The Devil, the Tower, the Three of Swords and the Horse of Coins, have been reconstructed to allow the collector to use the whole deck.
This item was handcrafted. Any imperfections or inhomogeneities are to be considered peculiarities of the processing and not a defect.

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Weight 260 g
Dimensions 12,8 × 7,5 × 5,7 cm

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