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Tarot of Besançon


Tarot deck of 78 cards of Besançon

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The Tarot of Besançon, sec. XIX.
78 cards created in Besançon, France, in 1700. Particularity: the replacement of Pope and High Priestess with Jupiter and Juno, in line with the reformist principles. “As the Tarot of Marseilles is not native to Marseilles, so the variant known as the Tarot of Besançon is connected to the French town more than anything else by convention. It is indeed …” All the history of this fascinating deck of tarot in a small flyer (text only in italian) attached to the deck of second limited edition of only 1500 copies, numbered one by one.
The cards are supplied in a nice giftbox, with certificate and small descriptive brochure. They are not plasticized.
This item was created by hand. Any imperfections or variations are due to its workmanship and are not to be considered as defects.

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