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Small notebook of the wayfarer with buckle, emblem and frayed paper


Small notebook of the wayfarer with buckle, emblem and frayed paper

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Small notebook of the wayfarer with brass buckle, Medici coat of arms in brass and hand-frayed paper. This type of cut is an artisan process that occurs with the pressure of the block of sheets between two blades without cutting it cleanly thus creating the fraying. This manufacture gives the product a handcrafted look by recalling handmade paper. This notebook has a floral motif, typically Florentine and inspired by the decorations of the ancient illuminated manuscripts which provides a further element of originality to the binding. In genuine leather, classic material of that age-old Florentine artisan tradition. The tanning and hand buffing of the leather make the product irregular and unique, enhancing its artisan characteristics.
This volume consists of 160 pages in straw paper marked with 120gr. acid-free and chlorine-free, coming from the Italian paper factory Fabriano and the artisan fraying of the cut recalls the characteristics of handmade paper. It is adorned with two two-color capitals and a practical green satin bookmark. The interior is fixed to the cover by the looks, two precious green cards.

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