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Italy by Matteo Greuter (1657)


Italy by Matteo Greuter (1657), original engraving hand watercolored

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Italy by Matteo Greuter – revista et argumetata of many principal places (1657), original engraving hand watercolored.
Born in Strassburgo in 1556, he works in Lyon, Avignon and Rome. He is distinguished by an extremely accurate and elegant technique, engraving numerous religious and mythological subjects. But he is known above all for having outlined a beautiful map of Rome (1608) and for this map of Italy in 12 sheets, the largest published at the time.
Made with the copper engraving technique, it consists of several sheets mounted on “detachable canvas” in order to improve conservation, facilitate readability and facilitate transport. There were various difficulties that the engravers of past centuries encountered in preparing the matrices with the engraving method. The execution times were very long and the work performed was not susceptible to corrections. Furthermore, the number of copies that could be made was limited, since the plates of wood and copper later, subjected to repeated crushing of the press, tended to deteriorate rapidly.
The support onto which the image is transferred is made from 100% pure cotton paper found at an ancient paper mill, which was already in operation when this work first saw the light. In order to recreate that charm that the works of the past know how to instill, the sheets manually and individually undergo an aging process based on strictly vegetable substances. This is followed by the anchoring of the paper on canvas, also in pure raw cotton, which undergoes, like the paper support, a skilful work of aging. The watercolor coloring gives the subject a polychrome vision of undoubted scenic effect. All this in order to create a product that, both for the materials used and for the technique used, recovers the beauty and historical-cultural value of the original.

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