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Florentine Architecture poster/wrapping paper


Florentine Archtecture poster/wrapping paper

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Florentine Architecture poster/wrapping paper. Thanks to the use of the most modern printing techniques a perfect rendering of the image and color is guaranteed. Framed also becomes an ideal furnishing element for home and office.
The product is made exclusively with superior quality natural paper (Aqcuerello ivory 100gr/mq, pure cellulose, felt-marked, from the italian paper mill Fedrigoni), Chlorine Free certified, Acid Free, Heavy Metall absence, FSC and ECF
Made in Italy
This product is shipped rolled up in a cardboard tube.

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Weight34 g
Dimensions50 × 70 cm

Tutti i giorni: 09.30 - 19.30 degli Archibusieri, 14R
Borgo dei Greci, 40
Via dei Benci, 29R
(+39) 055 244 590