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Ballpoint pen Pia “version B”


Ballpoint pen Pia “version B”

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The Ballpoint pen Pia “version B” is a 10-karat gold-plated ballpoint pen with a German internal steel mechanism, with a bull ring, black bar and original refill.
This ballpoint pen was handcrafted in Tuscany with tuscan olive tree wood turned entirely by hand which make it an exclusive product that is never the same both in wood and in shape. The thirty years of experience of Lorena’s workers ensures the quality of a product made and controlled by hand both in terms of realization that in the assembly which allows to guarantee the product beyond the terms of the law with the replacement in case of manufacturing defects and unlimited assistance for accidental breakages.
The line of pens takes its name from the Lorraine family who reigned over Tuscany in the 18th and 19th centuries. To each pen model is assigned the name of a famous woman in the history of Tuscany.
The Lorena olive tree pens
The production is carried out using exclusively Tuscan olive trees that are over 60 years old, as the younger plants are not rich in veins that are the heart of each pen and make it unique and unrepeatable. The cutting of the plant starts from about 40 cm from the base of the trunk for about one metre in height, being the one that offers the greatest texture. The wood is then left to dry for over 2 years. Seasoning is very important, as the olive tree is an oily plant.Then it’s cut by hand into individual tubes, which vary from size to size for each pen model needed. After drilling them, the necessary mechanisms are inserted and glued inside using specific glues that guarantee perfect adherence between wood and metal. The expert hands of the master carpenters with the help of gouges, and using exclusively a lathe, thus proceed to the creation of the pens, which thanks to their veins become unique pieces, a result of centuries of Tuscan craftsmanship. The shine and protection of the wood remain a closely guarded secret that allows us to guarantee for life the aesthetic appearance of the product.

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Weight 105 g
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 2 cm

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